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Wheelies Update

We at Wheelies know that we are all in this together to reduce the spread of the Corona 19 Virus. Since the first signs of outbreak in our area, we have diligently implemented ways to reduce the chance of this affecting you our customer, our families, our employees, and our associates. All employees are instructed to use gloves, wash hands, and use hand sanitizers regularly. We now multiple times a day use disinfectant spray and wipes on all surfaces that present the opportunity for the virus to linger and spread in our facility. Each night we spray and wipe clean and disinfect all counters, doors and handles, handrails, keyboard, phones tables, chairs, and contact surfaces. We now disinfect all incoming and outgoing repair bikes and new bikes prior to returning them back to you.

Store Operations

We will be implementing additional procedures to further reduce the chance of allowing this virus to get the best of all of us.

We understand that right now a bicycle is probably one of the best options in keeping you and your family healthy, outdoors, active, and emotionally together during these uncertain stressful times.

Wheelies offers a number of option that can get you on your bike moving while further reduce the chance of exposure.

Pick Up & Delivery

Wheelies has always be known to offer pick-up and delivery to go along with our outstanding service and repair, If your bike needs service call us at 609-953-9383 or email us at, we can arrange to pick it up, repair it and deliver it back to you.

Our Online Store is our online store that shows you all the bicycles, parts, and accessories that we carry and what we have in stock at the store, as well as what is available from our network of quality product suppliers. We can have it shipped directly to you, arrange to have it installed on your bike, or have it delivered via Wheelies. Arrangements for all purchases can be made so that a timely delivery to your home can be made through the Wheelies delivery service.

New E-bike policy

Due to the increase in operating all electric bike, scooter and mobility units will be subject to a $75.00 evaluation charge. These charges will be credited toward the repair once the customer approved the service and this does not include flat tires. 

We are all in this together and we can win this together. Wheelies wants to keep your Roll’in. We are a community, we are family we will get through this and Keep on Roll’in


Larry MacDonald