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Riding Your Bike to School Benefits

Children that ride their bikes to school benefit from doing so in a lot of ways. Besides feeling that fresh air in their face and getting their blood pumping, bicycling to school will help keep you more attentive in class, while reducing stress and combating obesity.

Being exposed to better air quality instead of the carbon monoxide being emitted from buses or cars is much healthier for your child. Riding a bike won’t expose your child to harmful air irritants that pollute the planet, encouraging kids to make beneficial healthy decisions.

Riding a bike to school is a wonderful way for kids to get exercise and physical activity needed to expand their mind for learning capabilities. Children who are more physically active perform better in their academics. Studies are also beginning to show that the exposure to fresh air, outdoor play, and nature can reduce stress and relieve ADHD symptoms.

Based off of a study conducted in 2012, if you ride your bike to school, the ability to concentrate increases to the equivalent of someone 6 months further in their studies. This study also revealed that kids who were driven to school presented with a poorer comprehension. Getting to school on a bike is a smart decision.

One of the smartest ways to start riding a bike to school is to begin with Wheelies Bicycle. We have all your bike needs from baskets to bikes and everything in between! For over 19 years, Wheelies has serviced the greater Medford and Marlton area with quality bicycles, parts, and accessories to fit all your back to school needs.

Benefits of Having a Bike at College

The best reasons to have a bike at college or university

1. A bike will save you money! Having a car at school increases spending costs with gas, repairs, parking, insurance, etc., adding more to an already mounting debt. Driving around any college area doesn’t provide the best fuel efficiency no matter the cost of fuel, and if you are going a short distance, you might as well have a bike! A bike can help keep your living costs down. With a bicycle, maintenance is a lot less costly than vehicle maintenance, parking is a lot easier to find, and the only fuel needed to operate this mode of transportation comes free from you!

2. No worries about parking! Parking is less stressful with a bike and can make you late for class trying to find a spot. A parking pass for a vehicle can be costly. Despite having a pass, it can be difficult to find and secure an actual parking spot. You can park a bike pretty much anywhere. Many campuses have bike racks close to buildings, making it convenient to ride a bike to class. The added peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to take on added stress of parking means clearer thinking when it comes to studying.

3. It helps the planet! The generation of college students today seem to be more driven on bettering our tomorrows. Join in on the movement to better our planet by making it greener. Most college towns have a lot of traffic, causing vehicles to sit in traffic idling on the road. This causes more pollution by emitting more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. With annual emissions expected to rise, you can play your part in helping to keep them down by riding a bicycle, as it will help slow down the rate of projected increase. 

4. Never be late again! You don’t have to worry about being late to class again! Now that the responsibility of waking up for school relies solely upon yourself, getting to class on time may be a challenge for some. Any campus can be quite large, and running into class 2 minutes before a big exam or lecture isn’t the most ideal situation to be in. A bicycle gives you the best of both worlds by providing you quick and easy transportation. You won’t have to worry about pushing through crowds, as most all colleges or universities have bike paths or lanes allowing for faster travel. Skip out on the rushing, the traffic, the parking (cough, and parking tickets), and over-all hassle by using your bicycle to make it to class on time.

5. Biking is a great form of socialization and exercise! Bikes are really good for your body. Riding a bike is a form of cardio exercise that will improve your breathing and heart rate, strengthen muscles, all while boosting your immune system and brain function. Going out in the fresh air for a bike ride can allow for you to put your mind at ease by relieving academic stress and anxiety. Having a bike with a basket can also take the strain of large, heavy textbooks off of your back. Socialize with friends by taking a ride to your favorite pizza shop, or to discover some new spots together that you aren’t yet familiar with! Biking with friends and peers is an amazing way to create lasting memories.

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